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HHPYC Members Amend Club Bylaws

The April General Meeting was held at Spring Lake Pavilion. Prior to the meeting, all the members were sent an email advising them of the Board’s recommended Amendments to the Club’s Bylaws. There was a quorum at the meeting and Commodore Wayne Mitchell called for a motion to approve the Amendments to the Bylaws. The motion was made by Sandra Silber and it was seconded by Secretary Ralph Noonan. Vice Commodore Van Schwiebert gave a brief presentation of the amendments and the Board’s recommendations, also sent to the Members. Commodore Mitchell opened the floor for discussion. There being none, he called for a vote on the pending motion. All members present approved the motion to amend the Bylaws; in addition to the 11 proxies sent to the Board there were a total of 36 yeas and no nays. The Amendments to the Club’s Bylaws were unanimously approved. Commodore Michell recognized Vice Commodore Van Schwiebert for all of his work in amending the Bylaws.

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