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Irish themed dinner with speaker, J. Michael Williamson “Right Whales - Our Coastal Visitors"

Guess who’s coming to visit our Island?

J. Michael Williamson will present the Hilton Head Plantation Yacht Club with information about the Right Whale as it visits the waters surrounding our Island. Mike has been active in education and research for over 40 years. He founded WhaleNet in 1993 to excite students about math, science, the environment, and technology (STEM). He also is vice-president of the Mingan Island Cetacean Study, which has conducted the longest continuous research on blue whales in the world.

The North Atlantic Right Whale is the rarest of the large whale species. With a current population of about 300 individuals, the Right Whales spend their summer months in New England feeding. In October, pregnant females begin to migrate south into the waters of the Southeastern United States. The winter months in South Carolina offer a chance to view these animals during their migration. Although a rare sight, when spotted, these animals are unmistakable.

Upcoming Events

March 16th St. Patrick’s Day - An Irish themed dinner meeting with speaker, J. Michael Williamson “Right Whales - Our Coastal Visitors”

March 29th – April 4th Possible multi-day boating event to a destination to be determined [it was to have been Charleston, but limitations interfered]

April 20th “What Floats Your Boat?” A Nautical Night featuring fun and educational events and a catered meal.

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