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Best boating season “Ever” kicks off this Summer!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Hilton Head Island is unlike most coastal towns. There is no crisp divide between land and water; instead, our creeks and rivers are surrounded by miles of tidal salt marsh and 12 miles of spectacular coastline. All of it is waiting to be explored!

Boating around Hilton Head Island is a truly magical experience. On July 20th we began with a “Raft-Up”, a Club day event at Mackay Creek/Pinckney Island. Boat owners invited Social Members to enjoy the party and picnic on the water.

In August, we will go to Beaufort, SC for a couple of days, enjoying a dock party, exploring the town, and dining ashore. Coming in September, the 7th , we will experience time on board a fully functional shrimp boat and see what it takes to bring wild shrimp to the table. Then, on the 15th, we will Dine and hear from Paul Golden of the Coast Guard Auxiliary on how “Ten small ships saved the Country — a routine Day for the Coast Guard”. Our calendar is filling up and there is time to join the fun on the water by becoming a member today.

Are you ready to be part of the Adventure? Explore our website at All residents of HHP may join the club.

Social memberships are available for non-boat owners.

Contact Membership Officer Malcolm Maclennan

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